Spice up your day with dark chocolate

Would you like dark chocolate to be less bitter? Kraš brings novelty in the dark chocolate segment!

Kraš Selection of top-quality dark chocolate with 60% cocoa parts with its rich taste will delight true connoisseurs and chocolate lovers.

Dark chocolate lovers can choose from four carefully selected flavors that will bring the perfect balance of bitter and sweet and lots of color and flavor to each day.

For the classics, we have prepared a top-quality dark chocolate Kraš Selection with 60% Cocoa parts that will delight all lovers of bitter-sweet flavors.

The new Kraš Selection Orange chocolate intertwines the divine flavors of cocoa and orange. Delicious dark chocolate with a refreshing fruity note guarantees a real chocolate explosion of flavor.

Additional refreshment is brought by Kraš Selection Lemon & Ginger - a harmony that offers a unique combination of dark chocolate, spicy ginger flavor, and refreshing lemon is ideal for the daring and those who want unusual flavors.

Can't imagine your day without coffee and chocolate? We agree, that is why we combined the full taste of coffee with fine coconut in chocolate with 60% cocoa parts of Kraš Selection Coffee & Coconut.

Spice up your day with dark chocolate!

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