Kraš will invest HRK 14 million in salaries

Kraš, together with the representatives of the Trade Union of Employees in Agriculture, Food and Tobacco Industry, and Water Management of Croatia (PPDIV) signed an addendum to the collective agreement, which enters into force on 1 January 2022. be increased by all employees of the company to whom the amount is calculated using the coefficient. The total investment in increasing the salaries of employees at the level of the entire Kraš Group will amount to HRK 14 million per year.

"Employee satisfaction in Kraš has always been a key goal and direction of all our activities because we are aware that they are the key to success and good business results throughout all 110 years of the company's history. The new amendment to the collective agreement with which we are entering 2022 is the result of the consent of the Kraš Management and social partners, ie the workers' council and trade unions, and guarantees even better working conditions for our employees and keeping many benefits above those prescribed by law. I believe that our care for employees will further contribute to the recognition of Kraš as a good and quality employer that builds its relationship with employees on mutual respect and esteem and open communication", said Slavko Ledić, President of the Board of Kraš.

The new appendix to the collective agreement retains all previous benefits above those prescribed by law, such as the payment of appropriate prizes, gifts in kind, and gifts for children, within the maximum non-taxable amount. There is also the payment of jubilee awards, payment of field allowances, payment of the separate living allowance, reimbursement of transportation costs, payment of hot meal allowance, payment of per diems, incentives, various benefits, and severance pay.

Kraš's benefits for employees, in addition to those defined by the collective agreement, include additional health insurance for permanent employees, which additionally protects the health of its employees. On the first day of school, parents of freshmen can use the day off to be with their little ones in these important moments, and other big days and holidays in Kraš are celebrated with sweets and other signs of attention for employees and their families. Employees also have access to various educations and training, as well as participation in workshops and seminars that enable them further professional and personal development.