Follow the rhythm of summer

Summer. Sea. Sun. And sweet and refreshing Kraš products. To make the most fun season of the year spiced with fluffy, airy flavors and products that are just right for long, warm days and starry nights, we delighted our consumers with several playful summer products.

Tortica Kokos with a recognizable crispness, covered with white chocolate and enriched with coconut, wrapped in cheerful colors became the ultimate summer waffle. And coconut is also found in the special edition of Fontana, the ice queen of pralines, which has earned that status because of the perfect ice cream that divinely cools when the heat hits.

Crazily interesting Ki-Ki sour gummy candies with natural flavors are here to shock your taste buds. Elderberry with the aromas of grapefruit, lemon and apple of Ki-Ki Fantastico, and Ki-Ki Coola with a cola flavor base contains cherry, vanilla and lemon. There is no party without the chocolate, and to make it easier to share and have enough for everyone, you can now find some of Dorina chocolates in a party size edition! Everyone's favorite Dorina Milk can be found in a 270 gram package, as well as the delicious Dorina Keks, which we know will disappear in no time. And we didn't forget to XXL-up Dorina Ledena to 240 grams, because what's summer without a filling that refreshes the body, but melts hearts with its taste.

Look for new flavors in Kraš Bonbonnière stores and on the shelves of all retail chains and make your summer even sweeter and more carefree.