Dorina Milky Mousse - an airy, creamy and irresistible new chocolate

There is creamy and airy news coming out of our chocolate workshop: Dorina Milky Mousse is a new name for a fine chocolate bar, filled with a light milk mousse.

If you are a lover of light chocolate notes and think that each chocolate square should be just like light and fluffy melt-in-your-mouth cream, then you´ll definitely come into your own. Our master chocolatiers lovingly and passionately created chocolate that promises a new, lighter pleasure, emphasising at the same time a full and rich chocolate flavour.

Dorina milky mousse

Meet Dorina Milky Mousse chocolate; bite into a new chocolaty experience and indulge in a new chocolaty and milk flavour! What awaits you is an airy and creamy milk filling, just like an irresistible milk dessert cream, covered with a well-known flavour of the finest Kraš chocolate.

Dorina milky mousse

Chocolate and milk have never looked so good than this autumn!