Čokitout! A new, completely wacky and different Čoksa has arrived!

Is there any chocolate that could make the end of summer holiday feel sweet? Can cold mornings and gloomy office days of autumn after the vacation be something to look forward to?

We say – ČOKYEAH!

For all the sizes and ages of filled milk chocolates lovers, great news are coming - there is a new Čoksa on the shelves. What makes it special? Well, we'll just say that it completely stands out from any other chocolate with its deep flavors, but also with its completely different and wacky design. Yes, yes – Čoksa completely changed its look over the summer holidays and attracts attention with its colorful covers and shifted visuals. In addition to the three well-known flavors, we also present two new flavors that you should not miss. Let's start in order.

Čoksa Creamy milk is well known to all those who play it safe, because who has ever failed to choose Čoksa with the finest filling of yum-milk cream?! No one ever.

Who says that bananas and biscuits are reserved for kids - ČOKOFF of boring adult worries! Go back to your childhood with Čoksa Banana & biscuit, which will delight fans of the most popular fruit and everyone's favorite Petit biscuit all over again with its fine biscuit filling.

Do you enjoy a combination of creamy chocolate and pieces of sweet, crunchy cocoa? Look no further - then Čoksa Crispy cocoa is the right choice for you. #CHOKIN.

You have already realized that boredom is not an option - two new Čoksas are joining the wacky team for the new start of the school year!

Čoksa Forest fruit & cereals with refreshing forest fruit cream and crunchy cereals is so delicious that you will want to eat it for breakfast every day. #ČOKON

And finally, the dream team of the most demanding Čoksa lovers – Čoksa Salted peanut brings a proven combination of chocolate and peanuts. Grains of salt are added to all of this for an even more intense and interesting taste. So that it wouldn't be missing by accident.

Čoksa is calling you to show the world who you are, not to be put in a mold and to enjoy the day with Čoksa!

Small enough to fit in every pocket, big enough to satiate even the biggest sweet tooth, Čoksa is the ideal choice at any time, in any place - in the office, on the playground, or in the office. Rushing through the corridors during recess or after class, before that dreaded meeting, at a long-awaited coffee with friends or after a date with the soccer team – grab your Choksa, keep calm & #ČOKON!