Bajadera - Woven of pleasure

Wishing to translate its unique personality, and other numerous attributes, into a modern setting, it again chooses dancing…on silks.  

Carrying the name of a seductive oriental dancer, Bajadera has been truly synonymous with a perfect harmony and grace. 


Dancing on silks link Bajadera with strength but also with tenderness and beauty of a woman who truly takes the breath away through her metamorphosis while wrapped in silk. Aerial silks silhouette also shows through a perfectly creamy chocolate that hides Bajadera’s secret recipe, woven out of handpicked fresh almonds and hazelnuts. Quite so, featuring a 'Croatian creation' label, Bajadera enjoys star status, and deservedly so, among pralines in this part of Europe with its unique taste and distinguishable design and shape. With each bite, it excites not only the imagination but also the senses. 

A new festive attire for our Bajadera in book form

A new box in book form hides a story of this timeless confection. It is the story that comes alive each time when Bajadera makes itself indispensable in our lives, making appearance at family gatherings and parties, showing love and appreciation and wishing many happy returns.

Bajadera knjiga