Bajadera - interwoven with pleasure… for 65 years already

It is said that everything changes with time: trends, stories and flavours, and Bajadera by Kraš is precisely that: the trend, story and flavour for all times.

It´s been many years since Bajadera found its place in our homes as a handcrafted confection and introduced us to the world of pralines. Born out of knowledge of skilful Kraš´ masters and their passion for making chocolate treats, it earned its place in our hearts, giving us 65 years of indulgence in its original flavour and accompanying us faithfully on all occasions. We give and accept it as a gift with equal enthusiasm because Bajadera is part of our identity and the flavour of our tradition we keep and hand down to new generations.

Bajadera news

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Fine creamy notes of cocoa butter and aromatic hazelnuts and almonds, woven into a unique combination as per protected Kraš´ recipe, are a trademark of Bajadera that will win you over from the first bite with its creaminess and richness of flavour. 

Perhaps it was named after an oriental court dancer, but today Bajadera is only synonymous with one thing – superior indulgence of distinctive design and shape that enjoys star status, and deservedly so, among pralines in these parts of Europe. With each bite, it excites not only imagination but also all the senses. Simply said, Bajadera is interwoven with pleasure.