New flavors of the family favorite Domaćica have arrived

Domaćica, an irresistible member of every family table, continuously surprises its loyal fans with creativity, top-quality ingredients, and new sweet flavors.

It was hard to choose your favorite Domaćica, and now we made it even more difficult because we prepared some real hits for our cookie lovers.

The Domaćica family has expanded to include two Extra Choco flavors that combine the finest crispy dough with premium dark chocolate. Domaćica Extra Choco hazelnut 220 g, tea biscuit with hazelnut, and Domaćica Extra Choco orange 220 g tea biscuit with orange are completely topped with 33% dark Kraš chocolate and are a dose of good mood.

For all the lovers of white chocolate, we also prepared limited summer editions of white chocolate and fruit variants. The right solution for refreshment is a combination of white chocolate and lemon found in Domaćica lemon 275 g, while an unforgettable summer experience is hidden in Domaćica raspberry 275 g, a crispy tea biscuit with raspberries topped with white chocolate. We are sure that these fruit flavors will perfectly sweeten a long hot summer.

In addition to new flavors, Domaća surprised consumers this year with a new, refreshed design of its sweet box, while five protected forms of biscuits remain recognizable bearers of Kraš's image and tradition dating back to 1957.

Following the trends, emphasizing quality, and bringing new surprises and tastes, the Domaćica secured a special place in the hearts of the greatest gourmets and won the title of family favorite of all generations.