New campaign: #IJaSamDomacica

The aim of our new Domaćica campaign is to raise the public's awareness of the importance and complexity of the responsibilities that are most often assumed by women in the household and to raise awareness that taking care of the household is the joint work of all members of the household. With this goal in mind, primarily to attract the attention of citizens and open up an important topic, we put a special edition of Domaćica on the shelves as the first step of the campaign. We have added several common occupations on the boxes, as far as the production process allows, to remind us that women, in addition to their work at the workplace, are usually the ones who take care of the household daily. With the campaign, we want to encourage all members of society to take on their share of obligations and responsibilities in the home so that the distribution of chores in the household is equal.

In cooperation with the agency Ipsos, we conducted a survey in which the majority of respondents, both adult women (70 percent) and adult men (51 percent), as well as teenage girls (73 percent) and teenagers (72 percent), claim that women do most of the work in the household. In the next phase of the campaign on social networks, we will encourage citizens through challenges to take on household chores and document concrete activities in which they participate in the equal division of chores in the household. Part of the campaign will be the education of young generations about their responsibility towards household duties and the importance of a fair division of household chores among all members to encourage them to create correct habits from childhood and adopt them for the future.

In agreement with the Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics, we are launching an initiative to change part of the definition of housewife in certain dictionaries and to modernize this term, which citizens will be able to support through a special platform that will be active soon.

We believe that the public will recognize the true intention of this campaign, and we invite everyone to get involved in raising awareness and promoting this socially important topic.

More details about the entire campaign are available on the page